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The top 3 problems you as a small business owner might be dealing with:
  1. Spreadsheets may look effective , but you might be missing out on a lot of opportunities to streamline your business and win more deals
  1. Frustrations of missed opportunities due to non-organised data, inconsistent or inefficient ways of dealing with prospects
  1. Inefficiencies due to double entry of data, incomplete customer data, lack of visibility in customer interactions and your current sales pipeline

Solutions for small business owners

We have carefully selected high quality CRM software for small business owners that often can start with free licenses and offer built-in plug-ins with accounting and campaign tools.

We can offer you a fast out-of-the-box implementation package that helps small business owners to gain a competitive advantage by enabling them to streamline business operations, provide a better customer experience and engage with customers across different channels.

You might not realise yet that you can benefit from the use of CRM tools, such are having one place to record all your customer interactions and track your pipeline.

We can show you how it can help you to manage your day to day job and be more organised, giving you more time to focus on growing your business and provide better services.

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 Not sure where and how to start?

  1. Do I need a CRM?
  2. How to select the right CRM solution?
  3. How to get started and implement the system?

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