Profile Adrienne Peeters

CRM Consultant; Business Process improvement analyst; Customer Experience strategist; Founder EngageSelect to support SME’s

Profile – Adrienne Peeters

Do you know a business who is struggling to?

  • Follow up leads in a timeline and effective manner
  • Keep the customer dbase up to date
  • Keep track what is in the sales pipeline
  • Provide visibility into customer interactions across different touchpoints
  • Produce valuable Customer insights and actionable reports
  • Eliminate time wasters, repetitive, redundant tasks that should be organised in a better way
  • Support employees with business processes and workflows that drive productive outcomes
  • Connect to dots between marketing and sales to run more effective campaigns
  • Provide service people full visibility into the customer history to provide better service


This is how I can assist

  • I help small to medium-sized business’ who want to exceed expectations, understand the full customer journey, improve customer service, streamline workflow processes, maximise productivity and aim to improve the bottom line.
  • I’m passionate to discover with you how you can leverage from CRM capabilities and support you with selecting the best suitable system for your business.
  • As part of this, I love to work with people to analyse and optimise the core business processes and incorporate them into the system and tools to maximise organisational effectiveness.
  • I can help your business with your CRM journey, because, it is not just about a system but the processes you implement, the data that you put into it, and how your people will use it.

If you want to find out how your business can benefit from CRM, or you are working with a business that could use some help, please don’t hesitate to get in contact and start engaging.

I work with businesses with teams who share customer information and need a flexible and customisable solution. I also love to work with small business owners and help them to set up an out-of-the-box CRM solution.


EngageSelect Services:

  1. CRM consulting services

CRM Discovery – CRM Selection – System Configuration – Project implementation – CRM support

  1. Build a more Powerful Business Model leveraging CRM capabilities

CRM journey mapping – Business process modelling  – Workflow automation – Reporting & ROI


My Target Market/ Ideal Client

SMEs and Business owners who see the value of hiring a CRM consultant and expert to maximise the return on investment when selecting and implementing a CRM system

Why should SME’s involve me for their CRM discovery?

  • I understand how a CRM can solve problems, but also can cause many problems.
  • Create awareness IF and HOW CRM can benefit your business.
  • Assist to make an informed decision selecting the CRM that is a fit for your business.
  • I can save time, confusion and headaches, disappointments, and reduce the risks of implementing the ‘wrong’ system or a system not being used to its full potential.
  • I can safeguard that your data and processes are transformed and optimised within the CRM, instead of the other way around, having the CRM dictating you the way.
  • I have experience in business operations, helping you to model and streamline your business process workflows, eliminate inefficiencies and find opportunities for business growth.
  • I make sure that the people who use it, will enjoy it, feel organised and get the information allowing them to make better decisions and outcomes.
  • Assist with the planning, implementation approach and the ongoing support by someone who knows your business and systems.

Unique Selling Point/ Point of Difference/ What makes me different?

  • I work independent and provide un-biased advice, not being locked-in with a specific CRM vendor solution, allowing you the make the right choice which system will provide you the aimed benefits.
  • I do not sell a technology, are not an IT company. I’m here to analyse and solve problems, eliminate pain points and time wasters, implement better processes that gives people the time and tools to grow the business and build long lasting relationships.
  • I offer consulting services with a holistic view how to make more money by leveraging CRM capabilities as well as get you in touch with like-minded partners who can help us to get there.
  • I know what to look for within the different CRM tools on the market, so I can transform your business model and goals into a functional solution.

Pricing – Various pending the type of engagement

One off package for CRM discovery and /or selection

Fixed or Daily rate implementation package (selective CRM systems only)

Ongoing support (monthly retainer)


About Adrienne:

I am a loyal and trustworthy Consultant and Business analyst with many years of experience, mainly working in Sales operations and CRM in various industries, from large to small businesses.

I started EngageSelect a few years ago, realising I was not happy working for larger organisations, and wanted to share my knowledge and expertise with smaller businesses, helping them to leverage from CRM technology and streamlined business processes.

I have a reputation of delivering over and above expectations and knowledgeable in CRM.

Skills: CRM consulting expert, process analysis & improvement, business operations knowledge.


Why did I choose to run my own business – EngageSelect?

  1. Because, I am passionate about helping others and want to ‘make doing business’ easier with better experiences for both employees and their customers!
  2. I want to make at least a small difference in this huge world with gorgeous people around me!
  3. I’m dedicated and driven to use my skills in helping business owners and SME’s to leverage from well-defined processes and implement the right CRM tools, giving them more time to work on the business, and empower them to succeed and grow.

Mission Statement:

With my business EngageSelect, I want to create awareness and empower people with the benefits of a CRM system, by making it easier to do business, deliver the best customer experience along the entire customer journey and every single customer touch point, feel organised and what we all are aiming for, improve the bottom line.


  • To become an Influencer in my industry
  • To publish Self-Service CRM discovery toolkits – enabling people to get started with CRM and delivery successful CRM projects

Personal Interests:

  • Being active and enjoy the beautiful outdoors, such as walking, tending to our garden and rowing on Albert Lake
  • Being the best mum to my teenage girl and boy
  • Getting pleasure from my 2 Aussie shepherds, bringing joy and comfort in our daily lives
Thank you for taking the time to read my profile!

If you see any advantages and synergies in what we do, I would love to discuss how we could work together in referring each other more business and explore new opportunities.

Questions you can ask on my behalf to a potential client/ Business Owner

“Do you have significant Pain Points while managing your customer database, your leads and sales pipeline, customer services, effective marketing automation and would like to speak to an expert who has experience, can help you getting organised and in control?”

“Would you like to take advantage of a Free CRM discovery, that will reveal how your organisation could benefit from CRM technology and processes?”


Client Requests Received

Don’t know how and where to start with my CRM project?

Not sure how a CRM is going to benefit my business?

Not sure which CRM system to choose?

How do I get better use out of the CRM system?


Ways we can be assisting each other:

Refer suitable clients that meet our criteria

Connect with like-minded business owners who have good networks, or offer complementary IT solutions and services

Promote each other’s business into our networks

LinkedIn Profile endorsements

Advise relevant Seminar and/or Workshop Communities

Share and advise good Network opportunities, Associations, Facebook & LinkedIn groups etc.

Promote Web Site and e-book articles

Share blogs & Social Media Posts

Cross Promotion Offers to people in our database or a guest article in our newsletter

Promote upcoming seminars and webinars or do seminars together (if appropriate)

Thank you and I’m really looking forward working together to grow our businesses!

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