Our Partners and Alliances

We continuously build and review our alliances that combine the full spectrum of supporting our customers to build a clear business vision, marketing strategy, build powerful and more productive teams, build productive networks.

To be able to provide you with the best possible advice, we build alliances with the best-of-breed CRM technology vendors and work closely with a number of partners serving our target market for small to medium size businesses.

Our CRM Alliances
  • We offer consulting services in CRM strategy and business process optimisation.

  • We offer unbiased advice on choosing a CRM solution for your sales, services and marketing needs.

  • As an independent adviser, which means we are not linked to specific vendors, we build long term relationships with CRM partners who are experts and deliver quality services with integrity.

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Our Alliances with other service providers
  • Build your Branding and Unique Value Proposition

  • Personal branding workshop for small businesses

  • Professional sales training for you and your team

  • Project Management that will evolve your business

  • Business mentoring and team coaching

  • IT support, website and graphics design

  • CRM solutions for the Not For Profit sector

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